Chord Connections

"Move on Up" by Curtis Mayfield

e min. 7 
f# min. 7 
to  b min. 7 

use  e min.  in first inversion
then f# min.7 in root position (maybe add f# at top , as well, which leads to :)
b min.7 in 3rd inversion ('A" in bottom)  F# at top?
if your hand is bigger keep that F# from 2nd cchord (F# min.7 ) at bottom and   reach up an octave to F# above to span  A+B+D , aswell
then back down to ii7 (f# minor 7)
then back down to starting chord: 'e' minor 7

Try this approach to voicing (understanding the harmony / how the chords work together):

e + G Major

f# + A Major

b + D Major

Another idea: from that last voicing: b + D Major (voiced spanning a whole octave by right hand, with two 'D's, at bottom, as well as top of the voicing), move the right hand downward: A Major (1st inversion) with C# at bottom (and top), then, to : b minor and , in turn, from there, down (again) to : A Major that leads back to G Major (and, with 'e' in left hand, that makes the initial opening first chord of e-minor-7th).
Great African-American Soul Music of the '70s. Bonus, P.S. : ++++++++ Earth Wind and Fire - "September": D Maj. , E Maj (no 7th?) sorry, not E Maj, c# min. 7 f# min. 7 ? b min. 7 A in root/bass + G Major right hand atop maybe the progressioN (verse and chorus, the same?): D Maj. 7 , c# min. 7 to E Major . (Which relates to c# min. 7 and is easy to confuse) up to f# min. 7 and the A5 + G Maj. That last chord relates to , same chord in Arzachel

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