Chord Connections

"Madman Running through the Fields" by Zoot Money and Andy Summers

This was the first song recorded by Dantalian's Chariot (wikipedia article), which came out of Zoot Money's Big Roll Band, previously. (1967).

Starts off with simple chords, like "Time Will Show the Wiser" by Emitt Rhodes.

One of the simplest progressions:
E Maj. , D Maj. , A Maj. 
and back to: D Maj. , then E Maj. 

then, : 
f min (7?) , to B Major (try 2nd inversion, keeping the F# in the bottom of the voicing).

then: A+B + D+E
(kind of like the "Juicy chord"  A5 + G Maj. 7 in  other songs that I cover in these chord connections.)

Note about: f# min. 7 to B Major.

Used in bridge of "Renaissance Fair" by the Byrds -- on Younger than Yesterday. (The verses of that song, by-the-way, are in B-dorian-mode.)

Actually, the bridge of "Renaisance Fair" begins with B Major (and B sus4 - moving the 3 ("D#") up a semi-tone to the 4th degree ('E') )
THEN, f# minor 7 chord

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