Chord Connections

"Time Will Show the Wiser" by Emitt Rhodes

at its simplest, 'tis 3 chords:

E Maj. 
D Maj. ,  A Maj. 

maybe (in intro:)
E+F# + A+B

chorus:  D Maj. , A Major (try C# in bass, meaning: 1st inversion),  to E Major. 

D Maj. , A Maj. , D Maj. (or f# minor?)  to  EMaj.  

Originally recorded by his band, The Merry-Go-Round, in 1967 , or so.

Fairport Convention cover

covered by Fairport Convention on  "Bouton Rouge" TV Show, France, April 27 1968 

Fairport's rendition (arrangement) is transposed down one whole-step, from (starting on , with) 'E' , and instead down to 'D' .

D Maj. , C Maj.  ,  G Maj.   

Vocal melody (based on harmony/chord of D Major) has lowered 7th degree, a C natural (not C#).

when Richard Thompson takes a guitar solo, that modulates up to 'E'  ( minor,  maybe even dorian mode, in fact -if 6th degree is raised to C#, as opposed to C-natural ?)

D Maj. , C Maj. , e minor ,  D Major 

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