Welcome to the website of The Blue Piano Keyboard! I believe that anyone can learn how to sound great on the piano. The idea behind the Blue Piano keyboard is that great-sounding music can be played without difficulty and complexity.

two octaves : d min. 9 chord

Free Musical Instructional materials, include links to presentation slides, YouTube videos, and musical notation -- all of which can be easily accessed using your web browser.

example of presentation slide for Musical instruction

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Importance of Keyboard Harmony

The piano keyboard can serve as a tool for understanding harmony. Harmony is the study of how musical pitches work together, in terms of scales/modes and chords. Seeing the pitches laid out in a linear fashion on the keyboard can help make clear the relationships between chords (and scales/modes) and how these all work together, and relate to one another.

Even if one doesn't develop into being a great piano (or organ) player (instrumentalist) -- having an understanding of Keyboard Harmony can be benficial.
  • In fact, anyone who went through college-level music coursework (formal study, towards a Music Degree) has learned how to identify scales and chords on a piano keyboard. This is true for all Music Majors, regardless of what their principal (instrument, or voice) may be.
  • Outside of music academia, singer-songwriters accompany their singing with chords on a piano (and/or guitar),
  • and many composers, arrangers, and orchestrators use the piano keyboard to organize musical ideas.
  • The desire to learn music makes most sense to me as being an extension of the enthusiasm that is felt when listening to music. This is the experience of being energized, inspired, excited, or in any way moved by the listening to your favourite music.

    However, instead of being content with mere passive consumption of (listening to) the music --
    , there should be a further curiosity to understand, to dig deeper,
    and hungering (even drive?) to get deeper into the music and
    learn to create and/or re-create.

    The purpose (according to my own view) of music-making is to create music that is enjoyable to listen to. The point of art is the impact on the recipient -- achieving something emotionally-meaningful. All music making should be (ultimately) seen and evaluated in those terms -- from the perspective of a music listener.

    There is an immense diversity of music in the world, and there are many approaches to making music, as well as developing musical ability. I'd be happy to help in whatever way I can to achieve your musical goals.

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