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"Wooden Ships" by Paul Kantner, David Crosby, and Stephen Stills beginning

Modal Hannon Presentation Slides -- among other related files for this lesson, in this G drive folder

The text of an e-mail that describes these modal "Hannon" exercises

Simple triads stack presentation - Slide #38

build 7th chords in parallel lines

in 'D'

A presentation of songs' chord changes, all rooted in 'D' :

skip to slide #104

Two of the songs in that presentation feature the ii, V, to I chord progression.


  • a measure of 4 over 4 , divided into 8th notes.
  • "It's Too Late" by Carol King , from Tapestry -- start presentation

    Yes's "Close to the Edge" (title track / side-long suite) includes modulations that Rick Wakeman added in a more recent piano-only arrangement. -- see video on YouTube of Rick

    "Total Mass Retain" (the 2nd movement) begins , like a pop song, on A dorian mode : jump



    "Eamonn Andrews" modal Jazz harmony - Mike Ratledge / Soft Machine composition : raised third degree -- jump to a later slide therein, that uses quartal harmony chord voicings (for left hand, maybe?)

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