Chord Connections

"Scarborough Fair" - traditional folk song

Sergio Mendes did a modal Jazzy arrangement for Brasil '66, based on Paul Simon's (& Garfunkel)'s rendition, which was a hit.

The best way to start is in a key (tonal centre) , with which white keys are primarily played. In other words, a harmonic context/palette that is principally white keys, diatonically. That means, d minor (or d dorian mode, to be more precise and accurate).

Start with the tonic minor-triad: d-minor chord.

d min. ,   e min. , F Major ,    then back down to e minor

next phrase:

d min. , e min.   and back down to d min.  (instead of F Major ? ) 

then,  next figure:

start with : F major,  then down to C Major (the "VII" chord, in this harmonic context that we're in).


then, last phrase:

d minor,  G Major (IV) ,   C Maj. (VII) ,  d minor.

regardless of what key you are in, the relationships between the chords are :

i, ii, III, ii

i, ii,  i 


i, IV,  VII ,  i 

MIDI sequences

  • Download a MIDI sequence in D-dorian mode - a basic tutorial walk-through "ScarboroughFair_d-dorian_walk-through-take1.unedited.mid"
  • In the key (tonal centre) of "C" -- that's one whole-step transposed down from what's described above.

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