Eamonn Andrews

Presentation slides :
"raised 3rd , for Eamonn Andrews in D"

Maybe jump to this particular slide in that same presentation :

I introduce a nice figure that uses quartal harmony (stacked fourths -- mostly PERFECT fourths

which uses a dissonant tri-tone.

"Eamonn Andrews" is a modal composition.
See these files in this folder (which contains the presentation, mentioned above).

The presentation slides explain to how play it, in terms of solfeggio (scale/mode degrees)

I also include some notation, as well as : the notation / transcription -- in D dorian which is principally white keys
(relative mode/key of/to C Major and a (natural) minor) and E phrygian too and G mixolydian.)

My transcription was originally written in the transposed key of 'C' (dorian)
and MuseScore easily transformed it (moving all pitches up 2 semi-tones)
transposing it UP a Major-2nd (M2nd / whole-step).
That way it is in D-dorian, which is (principally) white keys.

pairs of stacked Perfect*-Fourths. The bass notes of each of these three chords are the 1st 2nd and 3rd degrees of dorian.

If in "d" dorian mode key ,

* Well, okay, the F and Bnatural aren't a PERFECT fourth -- but, instead, an augmented fourth (enharmonic equivalent to a Flatted-fifth (diminished-5th / i.e. : "TriTone") .
Yes, indeed, McCoy Tyner played chords like that. In fact it's a standard part of modal Jazz vocabulary, it seems (also Chick Corea).

then :


then :


=== right hand melody ===

Described in terms of scale degrees :

Right hand melody is simple too:

seventh (7) , Fifth (5) , (repeat 3x -- that is, 'C' and 'A' pitches)
| 7, 6, 4 : ||
i.e. :
| C , B, G : ||

Next phrase is another repeating figure:

octave above root + minor-3rd, that is , degree "3" (or "10" if you will -- compound-3)

3 triplets, cascading :

| 3, 2, 1 | 2, 1, 7 | 1, 7, 6 : ||
| F, E, D | E, D, C | D, C, B : ||

melody phrase begins on the 9 (or compound-2) , and : 1, 4 , 3, 7 ,
next, the melody phrase outlines
that stack of fourths (not all PERFECT-fourths) based on degree '3' :
The piches are, in descending fashion : 2or9 , 6, 3

next phrase:
5, 6, 7, 6, 5 (and I shan't go on )

Let me put that in concrete terms, pitches spelled-out (if in key of 'D'-dorian ) :

E____ , D , G , F , C
E , B , F

A, B, C, B, A ...

"Eamonn Andrews" in C overview with notation
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"Eamonn Andrews in C - 3 chords and variations"
That video (its visual content) consists of presentation slides (charts and graphs) -- rather than notation. There is no classical western musical notation used in that one.

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