"Pataphysical Introduction" by Robert Wyatt

Presentation slides :
presentation slides outlining chord changes

in key of C Major (princially white keys). 

Simple chords that Robert found on the piano.

starts on dominant-function harmony ( 'G' ) . 

G and  ---  instead of 'G' an octave below -- one half-step (semi-tone) above that G-natural, making G# (or A-flat).

l.h.: G   +  r.h.: F Maj. 7

right hand goes to G Major.

then down to C Major

right hand plays ascending Major (and minor) triads:

C Maj. , d min. , e min.   C Maj. 

then F Major in right hand
with descending  scale-wise in left hand:
G , F , E , D, C  | 

repeat what's above.

G , G, G,   G , G# , 

A  (A7  is A dominant-seven chord : A+C#+E+Gnatural)

l.h.: D +  F Major (7)  (d minor 7 or 9)

D, D# to E (chromatic transition in bass / left hand) : 

e min. 7 


then goes to G + F Maj. 7 (dominant-function harmony/chord, again).

 --- Similar to "Arrastao" ("For Me") by Edu Lobo.
G + F Maj. 7 ,   C + emin.7  ,  A7 , 

D + F Maj. 7 


Related is   "Dada was Here"


G Major,   F Major,  E-flat Major

down to : C Major

then (keep 'C' at top of right hand voicing, to make:) 
D7 (D+F#+A+Cnatural)
then move that up a half-step (semi-tone) 
E-flat 7  (E-flat+G+B-flat+D-flat)

Lots of parallel motion.

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