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"Light my Fire" by The Doors

Here's another 1960s famous song that uses Dorian mode:

"Light My Fire" (music written, mostly by guitarist Robbie K. ) 

 "Light My Fire" by the Doors:
In chorus, I mentioned the D Maj. going down to b minor.
actually, that's B MAJor, not minor.
 D Maj., to B Maj.
Hmm, the "C#" (D-flat) chord  in intro
 is listed wrong,
That should instead be listed as :  E-flat/D# (one whole step higher).
Try  another website/webpage which lists tabs/chords for this song :
I do hear Robbie add another 3rd on top of that a minor 7 in the verse, to make for an a-minor-9th chord:
Just add a 'B' at top of 'G' in a minor 7 voicing.
a minor triad + e minor triad
a minor triad + C Maj. 7 chord
a min. 7 + e minor triad
a min.7 + B at top (or move that 'B' down an octave so that it sits right next to 'A' root (in between 'A' and "C"?)
Good compact voicing  for  right hand:
and, for 2nd chord in verse,  invert the f# min.7 up so that 'A' is bottom-most member of voicing, making an
A Maj. 6
revised :
== The intro ==
G Maj. to D Major
that goes up (a P5th )

Right hand begins on 3rd degree of that first chord (G Major), meaning, | B, G,A,B, D, C, B, A, G | That phrase (measure) spans the first two chords (GMaj. -> D Maj. )
but the remaining (2) pairs of chords go up P4ths, not P5ths So I was wrong about the fourth chord in that intro. F Major to B-flat (not C) Major. then, E-flat Maj. , to A-flat Maj. then A Major (with m7th too -- i.e. : 'G' ? ) that MAJor chord transforms into the a MINor of the verse. | a min. 7 (9) - to f# min. 7 :|| chorus: G Maj. , A Maj. , D Major G Maj. , A Maj. , D Maj. then B Major G Maj. to (not 'A', but, instead, 'D' this time): D Major and ending on E Major (maybe with m7th too, making an E dominant 7th chord? ('D' natural added to E Major triad).

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