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96 Tears

"96 Tears" is a famous garage rock hit from the mid-1960s. The keyboard part was played on a combo organ, but it also sounds good on an acoustic piano. This song makes for a good, simple, rocker.

harmonic structure

G Major, to C7 (C dominant seventh)


e minor

The Notes

G Major in 2nd inversio (D + G+B)
to C 7 (C+E+G+B-flat)

G, E, D, 
C, E, G
 or C5 (C, G, C (8v above) ) 

The song's bridge is just 
e minor

E, B, A, G, E, D (last note can instead be 'G')

and eventually down to C Major

Garage Rock mid-'60s beat!

back to verse:
organ lick (phrase) is much like the bass line (ostenato/riff) :
G, D, E (Major-6th  not m7 -- instead, it is G  MAJor pentatonic blues scale?)
take that D and raise it a semi-tone to make  tri-tone  middle of octave  
D#,E, G

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