Chord Connections

"Watch Her Ride" by Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane

This song appeared on the Jefferson Airplane's third album, After Bathing at Baxter's (1967).

live recording, 1967 October 14 at the Winterland in San Francisco
Only about 5 or maybe 6, or so chords! 
Paul probably arrived at these by moving his barre shape fingering up and down the fretboard on his guitar.

Block minor-seventh chords (m7), in (mostly) parallel motion:

Maybe voice these , using left and right hand on the piano as "5" chords.

G5 + B-flat 5 ,  down a whole-step (Major-2nd) , in parallel, making:
F5 + A-flat 5.   Alternate between those two chords.

G+D  +  Bb+F  (and maybe F Major triad in right hand, at times and/or Bb-Maj.6 chord) shape)

g min. 7  ,  f min. 7  :||

then down to e-flat/d# min. 7  , 
and back up to f min. 7  , and up to g min. 7 

d min. 7 (Maybe a raised/Major 3rd in there, as well, meaning F# + F ) 

leads to  chorus:

c min. 7 ,   d min. 7  :||

and up to e-flat (d#) min . 7    
(and I add the "i7" , "ii7" , and "III7" of dorian mode, rooted on D#/E-flat.) , which includes
 f# min. 7  , and G Maj. 7 

Back to verse --  g min.7  and f min.7  : ||

and, again , the segment/section/passage:
      e-flat/d# min. 7  , 
   and back up to f min. 7  , and up to g min. 7

bridge is in D Major ('D' mixolydian mode -- Rock 'n Roll)

when bridge is over, goes back to verse  :

       g min.7  and f min.7  : ||

then, ending (last/final passage/section) is : 

g minor leads to :

c min. 7 , to d min. 7  and fades out 
but a live version (1967 Oct 14) shows band  ending  on  E-flat as root.

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