Chord Connections

"Morning Glory" by Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley wrote this:

F Major (7?), 

B-flat Maj. 9 chord  
(which can be thought of as a combination , amalgam of 
B-flat Major + F Major triads)

think in terms of stacked thirds, a  series of 3rds, 
extending down to B-flat,   and D, and F ,  A , C  (not 'E'?)

then, 'g' minor
up to B-flat Major (simple triads)
  and back to F Major (and B-flat Maj. 7/9 chord of verse) (pair of chords again) 


C Major. , B-flat Major,  a minor (or is that F Major? -- either 'E' or 'F' in there -- 'A' and 'C' are common to both triad-chords)
then back to the familiar  B-flat Maj. 9 chord.

Fairport Convention cover

  "Bouton Rouge" TV Show, France, April 27 1968 

G Major (7? -- which would mean F#, a black key)

C Major 9 (C Major + e minor + G Major triads ) 

a minor
drop the 'A' to a 'G' making ... C Major in 2nd inversion (G at bottom of voicing) 

"fleeting hands" is on G Major.


D Major 
downt to
C Major
 ? G Maj. ?  to ? e minor 7 (includes G Maj. )  , which, if inverted once is G Maj. 6

"fleeting house"
Richard Thompson takes a guitar solo (guitar break)  over  chords:

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